Diamonds Care

We use 4C's method to describe a diamond. The 4Cs are Color, Carat Weight, Cut, and clarity. There is a fifth 'C' too, which is care. This C is in the hand of the user. To maintain and care the diamond and diamond jewelry, following steps are useful:

Storing diamond in soft cloth:

As a diamond is hardest substance and it scratches other diamond, so if we place them together, they will scratch each other and their shine and cut will become dull. So, store each diamond or jewelry in separate pouch of soft cloth.

Don’t wear diamond while working hard:

When you are doing hard work or swimming or showering, don't wear diamond.

Cleaning diamond with soft cloth:

To enhance its shine clean it with a clean and soft cloth after wearing the diamond. Also clean the diamond before storing it.

Placing diamond carefully:

If you are washing your hands and you are going to remove the diamond jewelry (ring etc). Don't put it anywhere in the way that it can easily slip down the sink.

Washing and drying the diamond:

You can wash the diamond with warm and soapy water using soft brush. Then dry it in air or with soft clean cloth.

Beware of using sharp chemicals:

Don't put the diamond pieces in the salt water or destroying chemicals like chlorine or detergents, etc.

Avoid temperature:

If your diamond has cracks, avoid sudden changes of temperature to prevent the increment in cracks.

Your jeweler should check its mounting and fitting periodically and also clean it with steam or scientific methods to maintain the shine of diamond.

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