Brilliance : The intensity of white light reflected through the top of the diamond.

Crown : The top part of a diamond, from the girdle to the table.

Culet: The bottom facet at the tip of the diamond.

Depth : The height of a gemstone, from the culet to the table.

Diameter : The width of the diamond, measured around the girdle.

Dispersion : The result of white light splitting into all the colors of the rainbow.

Eye Clean : A term meaning no flaws are visible to the unaided eye when viewed from 12 inches away, with the diamond face up.

Face Up : The diamond viewed from the top of the stone.

Facet : The flat, polished surfaces on the diamond. All Diamond Ideals diamonds have 57 facets.

Fire : When moved, these are flashes of color reflected from within a diamond, resulting from dispersion. Just like a prism, white light entering a diamond separates into all the colors of the rainbow.

Flaw : Any external or internal imperfection in a diamond.

Fluorescence : The luminescence exhibited in certain diamonds when exposed to ultraviolet light or strong sunlight. Fluorescence is most commonly blue in color, but can also be a variety of other colors.

Girdle : The narrow band encircling the widest part of a diamond. It may be faceted or non-faceted. All Diamond Ideals diamonds have the AGS certificate number laser inscribed on the girdle for your protection.

Inclusion : An impurity within a diamond. Inclusions may or may not be visible with the unaided eye. Fewer inclusions ensure a finer clarity grade.

Pavilion : The bottom part of a diamond, from below the girdle to the tip of the culet.

Polish : The smooth, shiny finish on the facets of a diamond. Ideal polish is critical for maximum diamond brilliance. Diamond Ideals sells only diamonds with Ideal polish, the highest grade given by AGS Labs.

Proportions : The cutting quality relative to the depth percentage, table percentage, girdle percentage, symmetry and crown and pavilion angle. Proportions influence light refraction and reflection within the diamond. Diamond Ideals sells only diamonds with Ideal proportions, the highest grade given by AGS Labs.

Scintillation : Flashes of reflected light from a diamond when it moves. Commonly referred to as sparkle.

Symmetry : The overall uniformity of a stone's cut, which can range from poor to Ideal. The symmetrical alignment of facets makes for a more stunning diamond. Diamond Ideals sells only diamonds with Ideal symmetry, the highest grade given by AGS Labs.

Table : The largest, flat facet on the top of a diamond.

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